Be an energy saving home owner

Alderley Edge Windows & Doors are now giving every window installation it sells a BRFC Window Energy Ratings (WERs)  certificate which lets the customer know that it is either C-Rated or A-Rated.

Windows with a C rating or higher can carry the blue Energy Saving Recommended label, awarded by the Energy Saving Trust.

This familiar logo is looked for by homeowners who want to buy energy efficient products.

Offering ESR windows with Super Spacer in the home – gives our customers more benefits and extra value for their money.

Other benefits of windows with Super Spacer:

  -Reduce heat loss through windows by up to 94%
  -Reduce condensation by up to 70%
  -Reduce noise by up to 2db

Windows using Super Spacer are also proven to last 5 times longer than windows using traditional metal spacer bars.

Windows using Super Spacer are widely available across the UK and Ireland in a variety of materials, including PVC-U, timber and aluminium, to suit any homeowner’s style requirements

Now is the time to take advantage of this great offer by installing energy efficient windows. To contact Alderley Edge Windows and Doors ring 01625 586270 for a free no obligation quotation and start saving money.

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Alderley Edge Windows and Doors for more security

As the leading international manufacturers of door and window hardware, MACO take a very great pride in not only the products they research, design and manufacture, but also the services that support their sale.

In support of the companys market-leading hardware portfolio, they have created the MACO SECURE PLUS scheme to work in partnership with there customers in providing you with a series of real benefits and services for the long term.
MACO Secure Plus guarantees the performance of there hardware against break-in through failure of the product. Should in the unlikely event of a successful break-in, MACO Secure Plus will re-imburse any insurance excess up to a maximum of £1000. Many other benefits and services are included at no charge to the Fabricator or Installer.
Ask us for more details when we visit and see how extra secure your home can be with Maco Secure Plus.

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From uPVC to Composite

Millions of homes throughout the UK are fitted with upvc front and back doors which incorporate glass and moulded panels. However the latest product to be introduced into the double glazing industry is the GRP Composite door.
You can see the difference straight away just by the traditional look of the door.

But look more closely and you’ll understand the differences.

Firstly by watching the video below you will see that the composite door is more secure and withstands any amount of force.

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Green deal..saves energy and money

Green Deal for home owners

The Government is aiming the Green Deal squarely at homeowners and retro fitting as many older type properties as is possible. The biggest winners are going to be the older style properties built prior to the 1920′s. There is a limit of £10,000 for domestic home owners at present. Homeowners will be able to install the following types of green measures;

  -Wall insulation both solid and cavity walls will be covered.

  -Loft insulation

  -Double glazing

  -Door insulation

  -Smart meters

The above measures are aimed at reducing demand on your energy, once these have been installed it will cost you less to heat your home thus cutting your energy bill.

The other types of measures that will be covered by the Green Deal are ‘energy in’ measures these will include:

  -Solar power, both Thermal and Photo Voltaic panels

  -Air and ground source heat pumps

  -Biomass boilers

Because these types of technology use less power to heat your water and home, the idea is that you will be cutting your energy bill in the long term.

Each property will have to be rigorously inspected by a Green Deal accredited to see which measures will return the best results. The Green Deal for homes will enable up to 26 million homes to be upgraded over the next 25 years.

Once the assessment has been made of the property the adviser will make suggestions to the home owner of Green Deal providers and Green Deal Plan will be written outlining the work to be carried out. All Green Deal providers and materials will have been through a series of tests to ensure that the homeowner can expect a standard of workmanship and quality regardless of the tradespeople involved. All the work will have a warrantee as well as all the materials used in the installation giving the home

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From Strength to Strength

Network Veka fabricator, Glazerite Windows Limited has expanded its existing fleet from 10 to 12 vehicles
with the introduction of two new 7.5 ton Renault Midlands, allowing Glazerite to serve the UK from its manufacturing bases in Bolton, Lancashire, Head Office in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and the distribution hub in Avonmouth, Bristol.

The vehicles have been given a ‘new look’, each showing one of the key products which have helped with this growth, Composite and Bi-Folding Doors.The transformation will not be stopping there; the existing fleet will also gradually be transformed for each vehicle to carry images of other products Glazerite manufactures, such as Vertical Sliders and Patio Doors.

Glazerite Director Jason Thompson explains; “We made sure the new van livery illustrated our Network VEKA membership as this is an important part of our business. It helps to demonstrate to people the standards that we uphold and the quality and service guarantees we can offer on our products.

“Steve Davis is an immediately recognisable figure that people associate with fair play and reliability, which has made him the ideal Brand Ambassador for Network VEKA. That’s why the Six Times World Snooker Champion takes pride of place on the back of our new vehicles!

“The new lorries are just one part of our continued growth as a company. Our extended fleet will help us meet even more demanding delivery schedules, and these modern vehicles are much more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than their older counterparts.

“Glazerite now sees its windows and doors been transported to all corners of the UK, Ireland, Channel Isles, France and even the Falkland Islands!”

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